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Overview of Single Body part CT scan / Full Body PET CT Scan

Single Body part CT scan / Whole Body PET-CT Scan

Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore

Single Body part CT scan in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad: Rs. 4000 Offer Price Rs. 2000
Full Body PET CT Scan in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad: Rs. 25000 Offer Price Rs. 12000
Full Body PET CT Scan in Bangalore: Rs. 25000 Offer Price Rs. 16000

What is Single Body part CT Scan ?

A computerized tomography scan (CT scan) uses computers and rotating X-ray machines to create cross-sectional images of any body part like CT brain scan, CT chest scan, CT head scan, CT shoulder scan, CT knee Scan, CT Abdomen, CT leg, CT fingers, CT neck, CT hand, CT Hip, CT elbow, CT nose etc

What is Whole Body PET CT Scan ?

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan is recognized worldwide as one of the emerging nuclear medicine molecular imaging technique. It is being used as an important non-invasive tool for many applications in oncology, neurology, cardiology, infection and inflammation imaging procedures. It provides the clinician with three-dimensional images and information about how organs and tissues inside the body are functioning at the molecular and cellular level.

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Nueclear Healthcare Limited is one of those healthcare organization that has successfully maintained a very high level of consumer satisfaction since the beginning. Founded in the year 2010 it is 100% subsidiary of Thyrocare Technologies Limited.

Booking Procedure :

Fill up the Form with your Name, Mobile no, etc. You will receive call within 24 hrs.

Payment Procedure :

Payment link will be sent once the appointment is set.

Precautions :

Avoid children and pregnant women accompanying you. Wear loose clothing. Do not wear any metallic objects, jewellery or valuables.

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A PET-CT scan report is usually available within 2 days.

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Advantages of doing Health Test with Thyrocare


Our rates are almost 50% less than others


Present in major metro cities.


Can identify lesions before turns into Tumours


State of the art Technology


Lab Test at home

Lab Test at Home

Starts at Rs. 200
Wellness Profile

Combo Offer

Starts at Rs. 1350
Female Profile

Female Tests / Profiles

Starts at Rs. 550
Fever Profile

Fever Profiles

Starts at Rs. 850
Aarogyam Basic

Aarogyam Basic

Starts at Rs. 1100
Aarogyam Advanced

Aarogyam Advanced

Starts at Rs. 2800
Paleo Profile

Paleo Profile

Starts at Rs. 2200
Covid Antibody / RTPCR Test

Covid Tests

Starts at Rs. 500
Metabolic Profile

Metabolic Profile

Starts at Rs. 2400
Diabetic Profile

Diabetic Profile

Starts at Rs. 1400
Arthritis Profile

Arthritis Profile

Starts at Rs. 2200
Bone Profile

Bone Profile

Starts at Rs. 2000
Anemia Profile

Anemia Profile

Starts at Rs. 2200
Infertility Profile

Infertility Profile

Starts at Rs. 2000
Vitamin Profile

Vitamin Profile

14 Vitamins at Rs. 2900
Tuberculosis - Diagnosis and treatment

TB Genome Sequencing Profile

18 DST test at Rs. 6000
Food Intolerance Profile

Food Intolerance Profile

217 Test at Rs. 6500
Whole body PET CT scan

CT scan (Single part)

starts at Rs. 2000

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